Interview about the problems of UFO.
The scientific adviser of the Center Chernobrov Vadim Alexandrovich

SpaceX Falcon 9 with Dragon, Reusable Launch System

Dragon Launch

Medveditsk Ridge, Vadim Chernobrov. 1 TV Channel

Expedition to mount Ararat (Part 1). 2004

V.Chernobrova's interview for the project Camelot. USA. A part 1/2

Video. Photo

The crop circles

The search for Bigfoot (the Limits of the Possible, 2011)

On the trail of the snow man

Collisions of galaxies. Documentary film

The expedition on the Labinkir

Drawing of the fall of the UFO (1)

Drawing of the fall of the UFO (2)

UFO in Antarctica

UFOs filmed by NASA