Scientific tourism. Program 2022: Travels to the anomalous Zones.

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For the first time and only in Russia!


Ladies and gentlemen!

Every country of the world has its places of interest, so has Russia. Among other things it’s represented by beauty spots and unforgettable landscapes, which are typical only for Russia. However, we would like to draw your attention on the mysterious side of the Russian reality - anomalous locations such as the world-famous Tunguska meteorite, so called "field circles", the places of the intensive appearance of objects classified as the UFO, the unresearched caves and castles with anomalous phenomenon, identified by the locals as "ghosts" etc.

This kind of tourism is unique. It gives you great opportunity to see the nature of Russia, to know its history. And at the same time you have a chance to touch the unknown, the mysterious phenomena, unique attractions. And all this you get being a part of our Tour, part of real scientific expedition.

During the expedition the participants are provided with medical insurance, with food, guides and interpreters, the media (if agreed with the participants of the Tour), researchers.
During the Tour you might travel on the helicopter or air-plane, on the off-road transport in taiga, among the swamps and forests, sailing canoeing and modern high-speed boats, and sometimes ride even on deer and dog sleds. You might have chance to communicate with small origins of Russia, with so-called shamans and warlocks.

You will become the real scientific researcher, feel yourself the conqueror of nature, and touch the unknown and mysterious phenomena. Besides, you get The Chance to make significant, sensational scientific discovery that might give some answers to the riddles of nature.

While being on expedition all the Tour participants may also become owners of the artifacts (meteorites, historical artifacts and others), not only thrills. But even if you for some reasons couldn’t get artifacts, we present you a souvenir - fragment of a meteorite or something else interesting with its uniqueness.

Make one step closer to the unknown!

The Head of the International Center of Scientific Tourism
Mark Lokshin