About our Tours

If you are tired of routine,

We invite you to experience a different world!
Journeys to the abnormal locations!


About our Tours

Well, you do understand that scientific tourism is hardly something like a vacation on the sandy beaches (although sometimes our tours have something similar with that kind of travelling). Scientific tourism gives you the opportunity to experience the spirit of the research process, the spirit of the expedition and for some people even to get extreme feelings.

In order to clarify the algorithm of the Tours we will briefly outline the scheme of those:
1. You buy Tour voucher (it also will show date, time and place of gathering of participants of the Tour)
2. We send you The Instruction, where you’ll find the list of needed equipment. If you miss some of things we’ll help you to buy or rent those things.
3. After you pack all the necessary things mentioned in The Instruction you arrive at the appointed time and place of the gathering of group.
4. The group sets off the Tour (or Expedition). During the Tour you might travel on the helicopter or air-plane, on the off-road transport, and sometimes even on deer and dog sleds (this information you’ll get separately). It all depends on the complexity of the route, the distance of the object location, season and other important factors.
5. Following the route the group arrives to the settlement nearest to the object location. If the route includes a stop at the hotel before setting off directly to the object, then you check in and stay in the hotel. Probably there you’ll have time to go sightseeing.
6. After that, usually the next day, you go directly to the location of the Object. From this point usually starts the variety of the transport. Sometimes there’s a chance of some walking.
7. Depending on the Tour you’ll spend different amount of time near the object. It can be one day or more. If you stay there more than one day you might camp out there, or stay in hunting lodges, winter hut, or even in houses of the local residents, if there’s any. Of course, all the stages of the Tour inspired by the romance, the opportunity to meet new people, to see something new and interesting in the geography of our planet, to feel a spirit of the expedition. But the phase of the Expedition associated with being in the location of the Object is the most interesting and exciting. Perhaps this is where you will see something that no one saw, understand something that no one could understand before and maybe even unravel the mystery. Everything is possible. Some say there are no Mysteries in the World. They are wrong. They are…
8. And the final phase of the Expedition is coming back home the same way you arrived to the location of the Object.

Here’s a rough diagram of the Tour. Its duration and stages depend on the distance to the location of the Object and other factors. All information you can get from our managers.
During the expedition there might present representatives of Mass Media. But if you don’t want to be shot, they won’t do it. However, you can get this material afterwards, and even shoot and take pictures of everything by yourselves. But we hope you will have good memories of expedition even without any video or pictures for the rest of your life.
In general, our tours have break-even policy in prices. Sometimes prices can be higher than prices on familiar resorts, sometimes lower. But you must understand that our tours are not typical, it’s a real expedition! And it’s much more expensive to fly on the helicopter, than on the air plane which has the same route every day. Everything depends on the distance and complexity of the route.
Note that during the expedition you’ll be with real professionals such as guides, people who’ll be responsible for the route and for your safety, and scientists. After all the purpose of the expedition is not only your rest and new experience but also in making new discoveries with your participation.
Our lives are full of secrets. The questions like: “Who we are? Where we come from?” have always been in people minds. Since the beginning of our civilization we learned very little about our world and life. So maybe it’s time to make one step closer to the Unknown?
See you in our Tours! ?