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There are archives diplomatic, historical, literary... People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs archives and KGB are open even. But never before was archive of supervision of UFO! Each expert on the abnormal phenomena carefully hides the database from colleagues, considers the saved-up facts as invaluable treasure.

And only Vadim Chernobrov and the association "Kosmopoisk" decided to make the archive property of thousands readers because are convinced that secret of extraterrestrial civilizations whole to open alone. In this book the Soviet and Russian archives of supervision of UFO for the first time reveal.

In a chronological order are provided both the published data, and the closed archives of Armed forces of the USSR, archive of one of the first Soviet ufologists Felix Ziegel and Kosmopoiska archive.

For the inquisitive researcher in any area of knowledge there is nothing more valuably than archive. It always the appeal to the primary source, possibility to look at an interesting subject the eyes and to draw own conclusions.

The translation into English is planned to carry out soon.